Vigilance Services...
We provide in-depth and comprehensive...
Identifying units manufacturing pirated/counterfeited product
Identifying retailers and wholesalers of pirated/counterfeited product
Helping in the identification of pirated/counterfeited product
Assisting Law Enforcement authorities to conduct raids on those violating Copyright Law
Vigilance and enforcement services
Watching IPR, searching and investigating
Detecting and investigating infringements
Unfair trade practices, anti-counterfeiting
Curbing piracy & counterfeiting menace brand protection, etc.
Our Strong vigilance deters potential infringers and ensures maximized returns on intellectual property.
Constant vigilance against unauthorized adoption or copying of similar intellectual property assets is very essential to prevent competitors from copying or even closely imitating owner’s products or services.
Our vigilance service monitors the intellectual property and gives quick and early warning of infringements.
Specially designed plan to track infringers constantly. The system integrates information about intellectual property, valuable data on market trends, advanced brand monitoring, and other business intelligence.
Provide you complete details about the activities of infringers and identify the channels of Operations.
Intellectual Property Rights Solutions
Product / Brand Protection
Vigilance Services
Enforcement Services
Business Investigation
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