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Software is one of the most valuable technologies of this era, running everything from PCs to the Internet. Software is valuable, and computers make it easy to create an exact copy of a program in seconds. Software piracy is widespread from individual computer users to professionals Software pirates not only steal from the companies that make the software, but eat in to the money needed for research and development of new software Technology has two sides, the original & the duplicate or the pirated. Pricing and piracy are issues that are linked together. Piracy of software is more than the unwillingness of the end user or the customer to pay for the product.

Unlike in the past, today buying a software / game is pretty reasonable in India. That doesn’t stop most people from “borrowing” a friend’s pack and making a copy for himself or herself. One pay’s exorbitant amount for a pc but not the same for software b’cos many assemblers in India provide a whole load of applications with the machine at no extra cost –many of these applications are not registered or even useful. This is the reason why most often the assembler does not give a user’s manual and the original CD of every application loaded on the machine. This is software piracy and is a cognizable offence.

Developers put in much effort to develop applications, and to ensure that the applications is bug free and runs smoothly, when one pirate’s the software he prevent s them from getting their due which in the long run is detrimental to the over all development of the software industry.

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