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Piracy costs the Film / Music Industry and the Government millions of rupees each year. It is estimated pirates earn millions revenue than the legal heir. Apart from adding nothing to the creative process, the pirates evade payment of royalty, excise duty, sales tax and the promotion and publicity costs.
CONSUMERS suffer when they discover that have bought a poor quality product, and supported theft of intellectual property.
ARTISTS and other right holders suffer since pirate recording do not earn royalties. Revenue from top selling hits is lost to piracy; companies do not afford to invest in specialist areas and offer consumers a wider selection of music.
GOVERNMENT suffers as pirates do not pay taxes. Piracy result in loss to the exchequer to the tune some millions in Sales Tax, Excise duty and Income Tax.
PIRATES alone gain When a pirated copy is sold money goes to criminals—not to the right owners, (Music Companies / the Government). Piracy seriously undermines the legitimate industry’s capacity to sustain it self and to contribute to the growth of musical culture.
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