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There is a difference between copying and counterfeiting. Copying is when you steal someone else’s intellectual property and pass it off as your own. Counterfeiting is faking. You produce a product (incorporating intellectual property) that pretends to be someone else’s. Your product is passed off as someone else’s brand. Piracy is both copying and counterfeiting and this sometimes causes confusion.

Counterfeiting is a deliberate attempt to deceive consumers by copying and marketing goods bearing well known trade marks, generally together with packaging and product configuration, distinctively similar a reputable manufacturer when they are, in fact, inferior copies. However, the spread of digital technologies has not only made copying faster and cheaper but also radically improved its quality, with the result that modern imitations are more and more difficult to distinguish from the genuine articles. So, the likelihood for someone to be confronted with the fake is very high.

Counterfeiting is prohibited. Enforcement of anti-counterfeiting legislation has improved in India in the last ten years, for films, music, software and consumer goods. This is entirely because of domestic industry (or industry association) initiatives and support from judiciary and police and Enforcement and anti-counterfeiting agency.

Counterfeiting (Faking Valuables)
Represents up to major % of trade.
Is omnipresent throughout industries and countries.
Has been known from ancient times.
Once marginal activities, now are well organized,
Is highly productive and profitable ‘parallel’ business now.
End up competing not only with visible rivals.
Have to face unfair competition from 'unofficial' contenders.
Lose sales, market share, revenue. lose money spent in research , development;
Lose their brand, Reputation suffers.
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